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Autor Tema: What makes them aware of human wisdom compared to other books?  (Leído 186 veces)
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« en: Viernes 01 de Diciembre de 2017, 08:47:12 »


In my soma's reading and searching for the truth and looking for the true God I discovered that books from the biblical ie non canonical books model are the book of Enoch and the rest of Ester

The reasons are provided that they contain verses that they believe are not led by the holy spirit.

What I learned from the book of Enoch is about the origins of a white man (it tells us that God created a black man except a white man from angels who were desperate, ie fallen angels who were intervening in human flesh). It also describes the antichrist and the last days.

My question:
What makes them aware of human wisdom compared to other books?

Why was it given if Enoch's wisdom ie the great grandfather of Noah was recognized and clearly mentioned by the New Testament writers, Jude?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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